Limitless Wrestling Double Vision Results (3/19)

Limitless Wrestling Crowns New World Champion.

-Limitless Wrestling: Double Vision (3/19/21) Amvets Hall, Yarmouth, Maine.

Pre-Show Match: Jon Alba defeated Love, Doug

Main Card:

  1. “The Prize” Alec Price defeated Myron Reed

2. Triple Threat Match: Kevin Blackwood defeated Ken Broadway and Charles Mason

3. Becca defeated Ashley Vox

4. “Big Beef” Gnarles Garvin over Tyree Taylor

5. “Iron” Rip Byson defeated Rob Killjoy after delivering the Love Gun Lariat

6. Ava Everett defeated Davienne

7. Triple Threat Tag Team Match: The Competition (Conner Murphy & Champ Matthews) defeated Maine State Posse (Danger Kid & Aiden Aggro) and The Kids (Ricky Archer & CJ Cruz)

8. Limitless World Championship: “Red Death” Daniel Garcia beat Christian Casanova after hitting a Pyramid Piledriver followed by a rear naked choke to become the new champion. The locker room converged at ringside after the match to pay tribute to Casanova as he’s heading to WWE.

Review: I’ve watched a lot of independent wrestling videos. Most of them feel like a sloppily arranged collection of matches as opposed to a show. Limitless Wrestling is seeing 20/20 after Double Vision as they put on a heck of a show. Matches, post-match interviews, building toward future shows, virtual merchandise table (which all promotions should start doing), and an outstanding main event between Christian Casanova and Daniel Garcia.

The thing that stood out besides the great in-ring action is how well Limitless promotes their wrestlers. Promoter Randy Carver does a great job making the wrestlers feel like stars and producing a big fight feel for the Casanova/Garcia match. Limitless got their singles title over as a coveted prize, and it would be nice to see some tag team titles in the mix at some point. They certainly have the bandwidth to make it a worthwhile endeavor.

Christian Casanova is ready for prime time. His wrestling is polished, he’s athletic, and he looks and acts like a star. Normally, the faster a wrestler moves in the ring, the sloppier they get. Casanova moves like lightning, and his technique didn’t suffer one iota. WWE normally likes their wrestlers to slow things down, and Casanova being able to effectively wrestle at any speed will serve him well. Casanova/Garcia is on my MOTYC List.

Everyone involved with Double Vision should be proud of the quality wrestling event they produced. I’m definitely coming back for seconds.

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