Vince McMahon Does Not Address Allegations on SmackDown

Well, Vince McMahon made his highly anticipated appearance on SmackDown this evening. Opening the show, he slightly strutted down the aisle as the ring announcer introduced him as “Mr. McMahon.”

McMahon told the crowd it is a privilege to stand before the WWE Universe, and added, “I’m here simply to remind you of the four words we just saw in what we call the WWE signature. Those four words are “Then, Now, Forever, and the most important word is Together. Welcome to SmackDown!”

That was the segment. reported that the feelings on the segment backstage range from “tone-deaf to “enraged.” Fightful also reported that Vince McMahon was in a good mood and went about his day with a business-as-usual attitude.

Chalk this in the column under utterly pointless. It was two minutes at the most. At least he didn’t make things worse, which many expected. Again, it was pointless with no substance of any kind. He might as well not even have appeared on the show.

He spent three minutes of TV time, including his entrance, to put on a front by no-selling the allegations by acting as if everything was ok. It was a low-rent move at worse that didn’t say anything worthwhile or last long enough to matter…Together, lol.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that Vince McMahon and head of talent relations John Laurinaitis is under investigation by WWE’s Board of Directors over a $3 million hush-money payment to a former employee that allegedly had sexual relations with both men.

Other non-disclosure agreements involving McMahon and Laurinaitis are being investigated. Vince McMahon stepped down as CEO on Friday, and his daughter Stephanie McMahon returned early from her leave of absence to assume the role of interim CEO.

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