WWE Slam Crate 2016 Unboxing (Dream Big)

Happy New Year! 2017 is here at last, and the first post of the year is an unboxing video of WWE’s second Slam Crate, powered by Loot Crate. Unlike the last video, I remembered to show the poster, which pretty sweet.

DREAM BIG is the theme of this month’s box, which celebrates the WWE superstars that inspire us to, well, DREAM BIG. This second installment stands head and shoulders above October’s inaugural offering.

Items from wrestling’s past do not apply here as WWE’s contemporary product takes center stage with these mystery boxes. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the video and you be the judge.

WWE Slam Crate 2016 Unboxing (The First)

It took me a bit, but I finally uploaded my unboxing video of WWE’s inaugural Slam Crate. I must admit, I forgot to show the poster of Shinsuke Nakamura since it was covered by the spoiler sheet, which I quickly put away because, well, I didn’t want the contents of the box to be spoiled.

The box does a great job of appealing to fans who love the current WWE product. If you’re looking for things from the Attitude Era or The Rock & Wrestling Connection, not so much. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the video and you be the judge.

Loot Crate reveals the theme of the first WWE Slam Crate

WWE and Loot Crate announced the details of their joint venture into the subscription box world. WWE Slam Crate will be a bi-monthly mystery subscription crate, which will contain exclusive and authentic WWE collectibles and apparel that won’t be found anywhere else.

To celebrate the crate’s debut, the first month’s theme will be “The First,” and celebrate a few of the iconic “firsts” in WWE history. I’m looking forward to see what specific items WWE will place in their inaugural box. Continue reading “Loot Crate reveals the theme of the first WWE Slam Crate”

WWE Joins Forces with Loot Crate

On Friday, WWE and Loot Crate announced a partnership that will bring exclusive WWE collectibles, apparel and home goods to the doorsteps of wrestling fans worldwide through a bimonthly subscription service.

Loot Crate, which currently boasts more than 600,000 recurring subscribers around the world, has been providing themed boxes packed with video game, comic book, anime and pop culture merchandise since 2012.  Continue reading “WWE Joins Forces with Loot Crate”