The Undertaker enters the 2017 Royal Rumble


The Undertaker returned to Raw on Monday and announced that he would be entering the 2017 Royal Rumble. The announcement was made during the top of the show’s second hour where Stephanie McMahon threatened GM Mick Foley with the possible loss of his job if ‘The Deadman’ didn’t appear.

Raw emanated from New Orleans where the Phenom’s WrestleMania streak was broken. Undertaker mentioned this to a course of boos and followed up with that he’s dug 29 holes for 29 souls. Undertaker closed the segment by vowing to win the Rumble and return to the main event of WrestleMania.

This was an interesting appearance on a few fronts. Taker stated that he goes where he wants, wherever he wants, and that no one controls him, which heavily suggests that he’s not going to be tied to one specific brand.  Continue reading “The Undertaker enters the 2017 Royal Rumble”

He-Man and She-Ra Guide Channels the Power of Greyskull

Last year, Dark Horse unleashed the Power of Greyskull with the release the He-Man art book and a collection of the old mini comic books. Now, writer, animator and He-Man expert James Eatock has assembled the ultimate companion guide for the original animated series that was a capstone of the 80’s cartoon era.

Did you know that He-Man started off as angry and impatient before he gained his good humored personality? What about the fact that Orko was originally going to be named Gorpo? He-Man and She-Ra: A Complete Guide To The Classic Animated Adventures is a near 600 page hard cover juggernaut that will require some prime real estate on your bookshelf.

Every single episode of the Filmation animated series starring He-Man & She-Ra, the movies The Secret of the Sword and A Christmas Special are summarized with a wealth of information that is beautifully laid out in a cohesive manner that is easy on the eyes and super fun to explore.

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Supergirl Takes Flight



If you’ve watched any television program on CBS over the past several weeks, then you’ve seen the bombardment of advertisements for the newest show to enter the superhero fray.

Supergirl is here at last…officially. The fact that Supergirl was ordered to series before the pilot was even filmed tells you that CBS is banking on this property to become one of its flagship shows. Programming based on comic book entities is all the rage right now, so it’s a calculated risk.

This is a chance for the network to, in some ways, succeed where DC Comics has failed with the character. The majority of Supergirl’s notoriety comes from the wide array of Halloween costumes you can buy in her likeness. Many of them are tailored in the promiscuous persuasion, therefore highlighting sexiness over heroism.

Arrow and The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti, along with executive producer Ali Adler, look to do the character justice as this is the first female lead superhero of a comic book show, which is kind of amazing considering the slew of Marvel films that have been released.

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