Report: CM Punk Not Progressing Well As A Fighter

Reports have surfaced regarding CM Punk’s MMA training, and they’re not good. If this is true, what does the future hold for the former WWE superstar, and will he ever fight in the UFC? I recorded a news update on the story along with some analysis that you can listen to on the official YouTube channel of Gerweck.Net

WWE Suspends Adam Rose and Konnor

WWE announced this morning that Adam Rose and Konnor of the Ascension have both been suspended for 60 days for a second Wellness policy violation. There is more to this story than meets the eye as this announcement exposes some of the holes in WWE’s wellness policy.

Check out the video from the official You Tube channel of where I break it all down.

AJ Styles makes his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble

If you’re a wrestling fan who’s only experience with the genre is what occurs on WWE television, the name AJ Styles might be foreign to you. The Gainesville, Georgia native, at 38 years old, is arguably the best wrestler on the planet today.

The 18 year veteran has been tearing it up in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling for the past two years. Styles has been involved in a plethora of match of the year candidates over his career. His most recent was on January 4th against the Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestle Kingdom 10.

Much to WWE’s credit, they didn’t change a thing about his character. They went out of their way to promote him as a big deal based on his illustrious past, and even made reference to the internet rumors of his pending arrival. This is something WWE rarely does today.

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Randy Savage vs. Jushin Liger: I Never Knew This Happened!


One of the fun things that comes with being a fan of any genre are the undiscovered gems you stumble upon. That wow factor kicks into overdrive because it sounds too good to be true when you find something that you never knew existed.

‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage and Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger are two of my favorite professional wrestlers. Up until this past weekend, I would’ve called you a liar if you said they actually wrestled each other. Well, they did in fact tango in the squared circle.

Their one and only encounter took place on July 17, 1996, in Sapporo, Japan, during a New Japan Pro Wrestling tour. Savage was one of four wrestlers representing WCW and hurt his leg on a dive the night before in a losing effort to Ric Flair.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a sellout crowd 6,400 fans filled the Makomanai Ice Arena as Savage hobbled to the ring for his showdown with the esteemed junior heavyweight. Liger entered next with his usual flash and energy as an admirer handed him a bouquet.

While the match was only eight minutes and really nothing special, it was a nice novelty to see two of the all-time greats dance one time. It was odd seeing Savage being the bigger of the two wrestlers since he was often the smallest guy in the ring.

Despite winning the match with his patented flying elbow drop, Savage really worked to put Liger over as a serious threat. He played defense most of the time due to his leg injury, sold like a champ for the palm strike, and took a Liger Bomb.

Wrestlers have always been expected to wear their working shoes when traveling to Japan. However, looking at the landscape of superstar American heavyweights at the time, I don’t think that many of them would have gone out of their way to make a wrestler in a weight class below look like credible.

It was fun to see Savage out of his element and with Liger. Again, the match is nothing to write home about, but this one time encounter is worth a gander if you a fan of these colorful titans of the mat. The Madness versus The Thunder, Ooh Yeah!


The Ultimate Warrior lays Some Truth on Kevin Nash

The Ultimate Warrior and Kevin Nash are in the midst of conflict. Nash made some comments about the Warrior and the Warrior responded in kind and Nash went on the deep end on Twitter and challenged him to an MMA fight where each puts up $100,000 and winner takes all in Miami the night before Wrestlemania 28.

Mr. Warrior’s response

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