Why Sting Needs to Win the WWE Title


Seth Rollins will not only defend the U.S. title against John Cena at Night of Champions, but on the very same night he will also defend the World Heavyweight title against Sting. Yes, in 2015, Sting, the franchise player of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), is headlining a WWE pay-per-view. The odds aren’t in his favor to walk out of Houston with the gold due to his age and the fact that he has been only wrestling part-time. The thing is, though, that he needs to win the title. Continue reading “Why Sting Needs to Win the WWE Title”

Believe In Seth Rollins: Part 2


Once upon a time, when The Shield was running roughshod over WWE, their destiny in a post-faction world was already determined. The consensus was that Roman Reigns would be catapulted to the mountain top with the seemingly more deserving Dean Ambrose right behind him.

Then you have Seth Rollins who can do it all in the ring and will have a lot of great matches while making a lot of money in the process. However, his alleged lack of charisma would keep him from reaching the top like his fellow Shield brethren. Continue reading “Believe In Seth Rollins: Part 2”

Why Can’t Brock Lesnar Be WWE Champion?


The main event for Summer Slam is set. Brock Lesnar will challenge John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Some are predicting a Lesnar victory while most feel he has no business being champion. However, it is business that is driving the decision to possibly make him the king of the mountain.

Continue reading “Why Can’t Brock Lesnar Be WWE Champion?”