Summer Slam Prediction

Summer Slam invades Brooklyn this evening, and all eyes are on the Universal Championship encounter between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. The match itself is a non-starter but the implications of its result are what’s driving interest in the main event. While this is pure speculation on my part, I have a sneaking suspicion Paul Heyman is leaving the Barclays Center with the champion.

Notice I didn’t say Brock Lesnar. I said champion. I believe Lesnar’s time is up. It makes no sense for him to hold the title while preparing for a UFC fight. The fans have spoken, and they want to see a champion defending the title on a regular basis. Summer Slam closing with a babyface Roman Reigns celebrating his title win would leave things on a flat note. There is no drama or true happy ending in that scenario.

Roman Reigns could turn heel. However, I don’t see that happening. More people, albeit slowly are starting to get behind Roman Reigns. For all the static he gets from the audience, he’s not a bad wrestler. The fact that WWE didn’t let Reigns’ ascension happen organically and decided to shove him down everyone’s throat is the reason coronation after coronation has been virtually crownless. The audience is not booing Reigns but rather WWE’s insistence that we get behind him whether we like it or not.

If they turn Reigns heel now, who takes his place as the number one babyface? Possibly Seth Rollins, but I believe the company doesn’t see him in that light despite arguably being the best in-ring performer in WWE. Reigns is our resident squared circle Superman for the time being, however, once Summer Slam is over and Lesnar is gone, who takes the Lex Luthor role?

Maybe you don’t go with a Luthor type evildoer but perhaps a Doomsday esque briefcase wielding Monster Among Men, Bruan Strowman. Strowman is a popular babyface, but he was more compelling as a heel. While he still wrecks things, it’s done in a more comedic tone as opposed to the sheer devastation of his heel persona. Being a heel is what got Strowman over with the audience, and it’s time for him to return to those roots with an upgrade.

Prediction: It’s WrestleMania 31 all over again. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar are engaged in a heated battle. Just when the end is near, Strowman comes out and cashes in the Money in the Bank contract. Strowman pins Lesnar, with help from Paul Heyman. That’s right, Heyman trades in his beast for a monster.

Bruan Stowman with Paul Heyman as his manager become the new two-man power trip of Monday Night Raw. Heyman and Strowman not only cost Reigns the glory of being champion, they took away something he can never get back due to Lesnar’s departure from WWE. From there, Regins hunts down Strowman in pursuit of the belt because after all, the money is in the chase.

Favorite Matches #6: Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect

The night before the Summer Slam 88, a Mega Powers’ promo hyping their match against the Mega Bucks got me hooked on professional wrestling. The actual matches were ancillary as it was all about the drama and interviews ending in “whatcha gonna do.” Three years later, my wrestling fandom got flipped turned upside down by an amazing match between two all-time greats.

The Intercontinental Title match at Summer Slam 1991 between Mr. Perfect and Bret Hart completely changed how I looked at wrestling. I didn’t know anything about booking or storytelling at the time, however, the match was a masterful display of the art.

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10 Greatest Intercontinental Title Matches Held at Summer Slam


Another SummerSlam is in the books, and overall, it was a good show. One of the matches featured Ryback defeating The Miz and Big Show to retain the Intercontinental title. However, it was a far cry from the classics of yesteryear.

Just like WrestleMania is known for its world title matches, a hallmark of SummerSlam was the stellar Intercontinental Title bouts. They weren’t just great in-ring spectacles, but they often served as a defining moment for a wrestler’s career.

Bret Hart’s impressive back-to-back performances for the coveted title played a prominent role in ascension to the main event scene.

Many long for the days when “the biggest party of the summer” produced unforgettable IC Title matches.

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Why Can’t Brock Lesnar Be WWE Champion?


The main event for Summer Slam is set. Brock Lesnar will challenge John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Some are predicting a Lesnar victory while most feel he has no business being champion. However, it is business that is driving the decision to possibly make him the king of the mountain.

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Spoiler Alert: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam!?!?


The main event ladder match at this Sunday’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view will crown a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and may have spoiled the ending. If you go to their website and pre order the Summer Slam Blu-ray, scheduled for a September 14th release, the cover reveals that John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar will headline the biggest party of the summer. Did WWE make a promotional blunder or is this advanced promotion for what could be a big return at the box office? Continue reading “Spoiler Alert: John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam!?!?”

It’s time to Ring the Damn Bell with Summer Slam.


Growing up, Summer Slam used to fall on or near my Birthday so for me, it was the perfect way to close out the summer before heading back to school. I think Summer Slam could benefit from being stadium show like WrestleMania because there are more weather friendly venues in the summer time. Plus, it would truly give the event that “Biggest party of the Summer” feel.

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Undertaker vs. Undertaker: The Gravest Match In Summer Slam History


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I thought that Undertaker vs. Undertaker was going to be the greatest match of all time. To say I was wrong is a huge understatement. The forgettable encounter at Summer Slam 1994 is remembered as one of the most horrendous main events in wrestling history. As a kid, I ate up anything and everything that wrestling had to offer, but this was a match that can’t be defended.

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Ten Greatest WWE Intercontinental Champions Of All Time

The WWE Intercontinental championship is the most revered and perhaps the most respected title belt among professional wrestling fans. For the longest time, it was this championship that produced the most anticipated and exciting matches.

More times than not, those who wore this coveted title were able to elevate their careers as a result. As a kid, I was more excited for the IC title matches than I was for the world title matches. Today I’m going to list the Top 10 Intercontinental Champions of all time. This list is based on tenure as champion and their accomplishments beyond.

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