The Undertaker Returns, Mike Tyson, John Cena and TNA Impact

– John Cena is getting closer and closer to embracing the hate as he and Kane will wrestle in a “Last Man Standing Match” at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View on 2/19. The male audience has been disillusioned with Cena for years. This story line has made him more aggressive which is essential in order to engage fans going into his feud with The Rock at Wrestlemania. The WWE has done a fantastic job with getting people to start caring about Cena vs. Rock instead of just caring about a Rock match at Mania. 

– I hate being one of those guys who complains about TNA all the time but I just can’t help myself. The brawl between James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode and Bully Ray at the beginning of Impact looked ridiculously fake. No realism, setup or intensity. It looked like something out of a backyard as Bully Ray gingerly hit people with weapons. 

– Mike Tyson is the next celebrity to be indicted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before Wrestlemania 28. There is no question he is deserving as his involvement in the WWF Championship match at Wrestlemania 14 helped usher in the company’s most successful period, the Attitude Era. Tyson brought in a plethora of fans who didn’t normally watch wrestling and the Stone Cold Steve Austin made them stay.   – The Undertaker returned this past Monday to confront HHH and set up their third crescendo at Wrestlemania. In the ring, Taker stared at HHH. Then he looked at the Wrestlemania sign. Then he looked at HHH again and did his patented throat slash. Much to everyone’s surprise, HHH simply patted him on the shoulder and left. Many in the IWC are opposed to them wrestling each other again. I shared their sentiments, unless the buildup is right. I didn’t think it would be until I saw what unfolded. The board of directors gave HHH permission to resume as Raw general manager when his personal affairs are in order and BOOM. The last piece of HHH’s personal business shows up to complicate things as it is the Deadman drawing the line in the sand. On one hand, HHH respects his sprit but doesn’t think he has it anymore as despite losing the match, he was the only one to walk away from their encounter last year. Then again, Trips may have simply moved on and is content with his corporate obligations to the family business. Everyone wants to be the guy to end the streak and HHH says no? Nobody says no to the Undertaker and he wants revenge for being carted out on a stretcher last year. The question now is what act of viciousness will the Undertaker commit in order to draw out The Game?

They arguably had the best match at Wrestlemania 17 and unquestionably had the best match at Wrestlemania 27. Contemporary wisdom says a young guy should get the rub form working this pivotal match. The problem emerges as talent is thin and believability is absent. Look at the roster of young heels and tell me who me who can fulfill the prerequisites of having a five star match and the authenticity and credibility to beat the Undertaker? Wade Barrett? No. Dolph Ziggler? No. Jack Swagger? No. Daniel Bryan? No. The Miz? Maybe, but the odds say no. In the end, I think we are going to be alright. We complained when HHH got the nod last year and we marked out with thunderous applause when we saw the finished product. I’m willing to bet this year will produce the same result.


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