WWE Does Right By Hideo Itami


Last week’s episode of NXT flipped the script as Hideo Itami was made to look like a big deal. He won three highly competitive tournament matches at WrestleMania Axxess to earn a spot in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. As good as that was, the video segment highlighting Itami’s WrestleMania experience was amazing.

The WWE journey of Hideo Itami began on July 12, 2014 when he was called to the ring by Hulk Hogan at a live event. Hogan moderated the segment, which culminated with the former KENTA of Noah Pro Wrestling, now Itami, signing a contract with WWE. Triple H gave him a lot of credit for going outside of his comfort zone and essentially starting all over again in a land where he doesn’t know the language.

Seth Rollins gets in a few words with Itami and complements him for making it to his first WrestleMania in only six month. Admittedly, Rollins says it took him three years to get to arrive on the grandest stage. Footage is shown of the NXT house show in San Jose, where Itami finally delivers the GTS in his match with Tyler Breeze. Various wrestlers pop for it because they got to see the creator of the move do it live.

The video is posted down below and is worth going out of your way to watch. With all the 50/50 booking WWE does which prevents wrestlers from getting over, it’s nice to see that they can still make someone look really good when they want to. While the majority of WWE fans probably won’t see this video, there is no way you will not walk away a Hideo Itami fan after indulging in this great promotional presentation.

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