Cesaro is Mid-Card 4-Life


I’m back after taking a long and overdue vacation where my wife and I put our phones on airplane mode and were unplugged from the real world. Now that I’ve caught up on all of the wrestling news, it seems that Cesaro is getting a lot of praise for his stellar matches with John Cena on Monday Night Raw.

Cesaro is truly one of the most talented wrestlers on the planet today.

He can have a good match with anyone and often has a great match with most. Due to Cesaro’s performance over the last three weeks, die-hard fans are waiting with bated breath and both fingers crossed, hoping this will be the time that WWE finally pushes the ‘Swiss Superman’ as the main event player he deserves to be.

Unfortunately, this shall not come to pass.

Vince McMahon’s damming commentary on Cesaro during the Stone Cold Podcast is all the evidence you need. The chairman nonchalantly stated that Cesaro hasn’t connected with the audience because he is lacking “it.” That is a hard thumb to work under for any wrestler whose boss has placed a glass ceiling over their heads.

Cesaro can connect with the audience and has done so on a few occasions. WrestleMania 30 is a prime example of how the fans had gotten behind the “King of Swing” as his body slamming performance in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal made him the most popular wrestler in the building behind Daniel Bryan.

Also, his newly formed tag team with Tyson Kidd was producing a cornucopia of wrestling delight. Sadly, Kidd’s neck injury put a halt to that train before it could gain any real momentum.

However, several stop and start pushes has conditioned the audience to believe that Cesaro should only be taken seriously to a certain point. He isn’t past the point of no return like Kofi Kingston, yet, but a few more yanks of the carpet will surely seal his fate.

Cesaro has had a lot of great matches over the years that has stirred the hardcore masses into a frenzy. In fact, he’s had several of those matches with John Cena. Yes, It’s possible that Cesaro is not the next big superstar in the business, however, he is talented enough where creative should take a chance and find out.

The reality is, though, you’re not going to change the mind of a 70-year-old man. At the end of the day, Vince McMahon isn’t impressed or moved by five-star matches as opposed to five-star drama.

I would love to be writing that Cesaro has finally arrived to the main event scene. Sadly, he is still in the same mid-card spot he’s always been in. If there was any legitimate sign that he was going to be showcased to a higher degree, putting him on last night’s Battleground event would have been a good first step.

I hope I’m wrong. I really do, but I doubt it.

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