A Night Out with Eastern Pro Wrestling

“Brutal” Bob Evans lifting up TK O’Ryan – Photography by Zeke Dane

They say that you can never go home again. Well, in a small way, I was able to last Friday when attending an Eastern Pro Wrestling (EPW) event. While the attractions on the marquee boasted Ring of Honor and TNA: Impact Wrestling stars, my reason for journeying to the Maynard Rod & Gun Club was to visit with an old mentor and friends.  Continue reading “A Night Out with Eastern Pro Wrestling”

Daniel Bryan Retires from Wrestling due to Injuries


Yesterday seemed as if it was going to be just another day in the world of professional wrestling with a new episode of Monday Night Raw on the horizon. Then, all of a sudden, a particular tweet from a particular wrestler changed all of that. 20 words, or 137 characters, informed the world that Daniel Bryan has retired from professional wrestling.  Continue reading “Daniel Bryan Retires from Wrestling due to Injuries”

Brutal Bob Evans Talks, Ring of Honor, Lethal vs. Briscoe, Micheal Bennett, & More


I recently interviewed Brutal Bob Evans at What Culture.com where he shares his thoughts on topics such as Destination America, the success of Micheal Bennett, putting Cheeseburger through a table, and his initial criticism of the company. Here some highlights:

On Being an ROH Critic: The line I use is that I used to hate this company, now it’s the only place I want to be. I think it was the change in philosophy on both our parts. In other words, I think we needed to be a little more open-minded, and I wasn’t open-minded.

Will Briscoe vs. Lethal Deliver: I’ve actually pulled both guys aside and told them there are people who don’t think you’re going to have the match that Ring Of Honor is promising. I think both guys are looking at it as a challenge to really step up their game and compete at that kind of level where they’re going to have that type of match.

I personally want to thank Bob for taking the time to talk to me. You can check out the entire interview here at What Culture.com

The Invasion of Michael Bennett


This past Saturday, at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Invasion Attack, Michael Bennett and Matt Taven defeated Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows to become the IWGP Tag Team Champions. This is the most high-profile moment in both of their careers, particularly for Bennett, whose success has bred some criticism.

For those who aren’t familiar with Michael Bennett, he is a wrestler from the Massachusetts area best known for his work in Ring of Honor. Bennett has also become a well-traveled performer who often finds himself in wrestling rings all around the world. Continue reading “The Invasion of Michael Bennett”

The Iron Week Spectacle of “Brutal” Bob Evans vs. Todd Sople


(Column written for gerweck.net)

Contrary to popular belief, the best wrestling match this past Monday night did not occur on television. Instead, it took place at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy in North Andover, Massachusetts. “Brutal” Bob Evans wrestled Manchester, New Hampshire’s Todd Sople in a sixty minute iron man match as the second installment of “Iron Week.”

Iron Week is a challenge for some, a happening for most, and a journey for Bob Evans. The concept of Iron Week consists of seven 60-minute matches taking place over seven consecutive days. Evans did this once before in 2009 for six days and this year he would like to break own record. At 40 years old, this is Evan’s second chance to make a lasting impression as time is not on his side. The end game is to make a lasting impression in order to wrestle on the national stage on a regular basis.

Continue reading “The Iron Week Spectacle of “Brutal” Bob Evans vs. Todd Sople”