Is Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat Overrated?


On March 29, 1987 at WrestleMania III there were 78,000 fans who were enthralled with every slam, punch and suplex thrown in a match that involved two of the best wrestlers on the planet. When the final bell rang at14:35 in the contest, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat was crowned as the new WWF Intercontinental Champion by defeating Macho Man Randy Savage. This is arguably the greatest wrestling match of all-time, however, its reputation has been tarnished over the years due to how the match was prepared and laid out.   Continue reading “Is Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat Overrated?”

Somebody Get Me A Condominium On The Moon: Randy Savage Makes The Hall Of Fame

macho_man_randy_savage_photo_by_windows8osx-d50ciu8After all this time, it’s finally official. Macho Man Randy Savage will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania 31. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the HOF’s legitimacy, Savage’s induction is long past due.

To me, Randy Savage will always represent the moment professional wrestling became a lifelong passion of mine. While channel surfing on a hot summer night in 1988, I stumbled upon a Mega Powers promo and was immediately drawn in as they vowed to bankrupt the Mega Bucks at Summer Slam 88.

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Five Move’s That No Other Wrestler Should Do



Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery in professional wrestling. But let’s be honest, there are certain moves that wrestlers just shouldn’t do. Over the years, a particular wrestler has perfected a move with such crisp efficiency that no one will ever come close to mirroring its execution. There are five moves on my list that wrestlers should stay away from because it will never be done as well as their predecessor who brought it into the limelight.

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